Who we are

Our specialty is providing high quality technical management and solutions to companies in need of specific engineering outside of house.
Kordout is a family based business, private owned company.

Managing Director- Mario Rivero
CEO – Antonio Rivero

Heric Geaquinto: Senior Engineer, Offshore Structures Expert
Eugenio Rivera: Senior Engineer, Transport and Structures Expert
Lucas Gasparino: Engineer, Simulation and Modelling Expert

Our work model relies on a wide network of associate professionals, with seniority ranging from 40 years experience engineers leading experts in their field to partners in a range of wide technical expertise, such as welders, inspectors, fitters, etc…


  • Kordout history stretches to 1987 in Brazil, where it was called Marconsult. Marconsult provided highly technical consultancy for the Oil & Gas and Marine industries.
  • Building the first Loadout software, the first Fleet Management software in Brazil, doing the first ever Loadout of a Jacket in Brazil, as well as being one of the first Marine Warranty Surveyors of the country is ah heritage we cherish.
Pampo Platform

One of our works, check it out

Grillage Fabrication for Jumbo Vessels

Our Core Principles

High Caliber Professionals

We trust our professionals giving them great responsibilities, and can only expect great results. The biggest challenge of management is having the right person in the right spot, working together. We never compromise on quality of people!

Strive for results

Good work, shiny reports, good processes, yet no results! How many times companies fall for that? Our philosophy is one of solidarity, go further than consultants, we stick till the good and the bad to see through the issues until we can all say, mission accomplished.

Honest, down to earth, responsible

You will see Kordout people in terrain, solving issues, and going through the hard bits of work. Don’t shy away from solving something, go beyond to help the client, that’s part of our mandate to our people. We get our hands dirty. And always will defend the client’s best interest, even if it means saying no, contradicting someone, and having further responsability. Honest, with respect. That same honesty and down to earth attitude is the one we have for our responsibility to people and the environment, safeguarding safety of all.

stiff upper lip, can do attitude

No project is devoid of issues. A positive attitude, of fortitude in face of problems, people who create trouble, and unexpected situations is fundamental to get results and not lose focus.

A can do attitude is reflexive, know your limits, think, listen, assess the situation, then, with all your heart and mind, solve the problem. We can. Confidence in the team, and in ourselves, to get there!

“If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too”
"IF" Rudyard Kipling