If you need to outsource part of the technical management of your work, Kordout can get you covered.

Teams lead by senior professionals, a network of specialists to get the job done.

Due Diligence

Technical due diligence for your business is crucial. We provide technical due diligence for all the areas of our expertise, namely, marine, offshore, oil and gas, construction, industrial.

Contract Management

Most endeavors in industry are now coordinated through a network of contracts where correct work is dependent on management of those contracts through all its cycle. We can help coordinate the whole cycle, from planning the network of contracts to achieve the business objective, tracking and order of contracts, compliance, risk management, and monitoring the contracts along the work for improvement and corrections.

Technical Audition and Evaluation

Whether you need and auditing for a supplier or an evaluation of performance, our professionals can evaluate based on the goals established and on the results achieved.

Compliance and Norms

Specific work for compliance to norms, from companies such as Petrobras, to national standards such as NR 13 and NR 10 in Brazil.

EPC Management

Management of whole or part of the EPC process for projects.


Contract Arbitrage and Claims

Technical Services

Kordout can also provide complete technical solutions in a variety of industry settings.

Our associates, partners and personnel provide critical in depth expertise to attend our clients needs.

Oceanic and Port engineering

Determining necessities of Ports, and its design and construction, as well as interfacing of platforms, risers, jackets and naval solutions.

Heavy-lift engineering

Wide experience in complex operations of marine Loadin/loadout, Rigging, Skidding and oversized land transport (SPMT)

Structural calculations and simulations of structures

Modelling and calculations of complex structures for construction using diverse techniques, such as spacial structures, diverse materials, concrete, aluminium, steel, for a wide variety of uses, warehouses, buildings, industrial pieces, etc…